Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Willaim Pike Challange!

The William Pike Challenge was a big deal to do and hopefully
we did this community service Beach clean up well. It took us
2 hours although there is probably a few minutes to add to that
but it did take us at least 2 hours. Today is Wednesday AKA
20.6.18. It is 11:23 and we finished at about 11 49 (I think).
We did this beach cleanup because of all the animals dying of
plastic. Especially the seals and birds that people find with
plastic rubbish in their stomach. We did it by walking around
the track picking up all the rubbish that we could find. We
stopped when we got the bridge, 1 hour away from where we
started. We made our way back by walking on the wood area
on the beach. We didn’t find as much but still quite a lot of
plastic that people has left. Most of it was actually broken
showing that It has been there for a while.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

My Trip

My trip to we to Wellington was pretty amazing. It all started when I woke
up on sunday morning. Me and My Aunty Rose grabbed our cameras and
called a taxi. We got a taxi to the eye site in Wellington and got the Weta
bus to Weta Studios. When we got there we were told that there was a
rulethat you are not allowed to take photos in the studios. I was sad but I
did manage to get 1 or 2 photos in places you were allowed to. But inside
Weta was really cool.

In the first half we were introduced to a wall that has got every single
film that Weta studios made and was involved in over the years. After we
saw that we went into a few films with the real props that were used in
the films. Such as the Green Goblin suit from the 2014 Amazing
Spiderman 2, The Chappie Robot from the 2015 Chappie movie and the
2012 Halo movie that was going to get filmed right here in NZ.

We also got to see the face masks that they used on the actors. The
masks were made from a rubber that I can't remember the name of. In the
room we also got to see a robot sheep head from a Zombie SHeep horror
movie.After we heard what we needed to hear and take photos of what
we were allowed to take photos of we went a little cafe while we were
waiting for the 2nd half our our trip.

When We left the cafe and started the 2nd half of our trip we went into
the Nz Thunderbirds tour. There we were to watch a screen telling us
about the inspiration of Peter Jackson's movies came from the 1965
Thunderbirds TV show. The next thing is that we got to see that the new
NZ Thunderbirds show was made from real objects. Everything in the
show except for the Thunderbirds characters was completely handmade
objects. We also got to see that in one of the old episodes called
“ATTACK OF THE ALLIGATORS” was a huge inspiration for one of the new
thunderbirds episodes called “Attack Of The Lizard”.

After we finished our Thunderbirds tour it was time to get on the bus back
to our apartment and get ready for our plane back to greymouth.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Friday, 16 March 2018

Thursday, 15 March 2018

3, 6 and 9

Juggling with manderins

Bike safety statistics


Recently Room One students participated in a safe cycling skills programme facilitated
by the New Zealand Police.

Students learned about the correct way to wear their bicycle helmet.

Firstly: Your helmet needs to be your size and comfortable on your head.

Secondly: It needs to be tightened at the neck strap and hard enough to take a hit
from the hard roads concrete.

Thirdly: The Helmets straps need to be just below your ear and not touching it.

After we had done out helmet it was time for us to check our bike.

Number 1: Your bike needs to be able to go back and forwards perfectly with the chain
doing the same.

Number 2: Your chain needs to be good and not rusty. Rusty chains may break while
you are biking and may cause a accident. So your chain needs to be strong and will not
break when your biking.

Number 3: The bikes brakes need to be able to stop you in an instant. Your front brake
isn’t much of a loss but your back brake really is. The back brake would help you to stop
or slow down quite a bit if you are going down a steep hill. It would also help you to stop
if a car is coming towards you.

After that we started with our bikes.

Number 1: We started by going round an obstacle course. We learned to put our arm out when we turn
a corner. We do this to signal the cars that we are turning. This stops the cars from accidently hitting
us when we turn. We also turn our heads behind us at a certain point to say what the picture was. I
usually said “MOTORCYCLE-MAN”.

Number 2: All of us had to go round cones that were very close to each other as well as go round tight
corners. We also went on a wood ladder that was on the ground making us bounce up and down.
These 3 things were to test us on our balance. We all did pretty good so we past that.
Number 3: One of the last things we did was we did was we drove in pairs. What we did is we drove
forward, we looked back. Put our arm out for 3 seconds, then we looked back just to stop, look left,
then right, then bike to the right towards the cones, quick turns and the ladder.

Once we finished it was time for the full !ROAD RULES!
The road rules are pretty simple but definitely need to be followed.

Number 1: Make sure a car is not coming when you are biking on the road. If a car is
coming go to the footpath and let the car/car’s pass.

Number 2: On the road you you need to be 1 metre away from the footpath. If you come
to a car ride 1 metre away from the door inase the door opens when you are biking
towards it.

Number 3: If you are turning onto a different road put your arm out straight signalling
any car/car’s that might be coming on the other road or just the road you are on that
you are going that way.If you are going onto a different road that is own your left you
put your left hand straight out. If you are going to the right put your right hand straight

Number 4: if you you are are going to stop bike to the side of the road and put your arm
into STOP position . If you are going towards the left side of the road you need to put
your right arm into a STOP poison. You put your right arm so the cars can see it. If you
are going towards the right side of the road you need to put your left arm into a STOP
poison. You put your left arm so the cars can see it.

Number 5: When you are turning a corner you need to slow down and look behind and
infront of you. When you are turning a corner you need to make sure that you are not
going to collide with car when you are turning.

After we learned the road rules it was time to go onto the road.
We started by going on tasman street. We started at the creek and made our way around.
Most of us did pretty well but some did not follow the road rules like the others.

Here's how good I did.