Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Geometry DLO

For geometry we all had to get a quilt pattern from online
and enlarge it by 12. It was definitely tiring drawing,  and
cutting but it definitely paid off (I think). Our second task
with geometry was practically the same thing just with
different shapes.

Quilt Pattern  Tivaevae Quilt PatternImage result for tivaivai quilt


Purerehua Poem


Sounds of whirring Rurangrango, blowfly
Makes you feel like you’re near a tornado in the sky

Gives you a shiver down your spine
Like you’re nervous because your names in headlines

Deep, buzzing sound blowing in your ears
Just don't let that be your fears

Carvings, shells and paint for decorations
That's just part of our great Nations

Try and make Lizards come to you
Just hope they’re not contagious and give you the flu

Made off Bone, Stone and Wood

Now you need to make that in your Childhood

Guided Text

2The Nowhere Land Where Children On The Move Are Someone
Else's Problem
By Sarah Crowe - U.N.I.C.E.F

What is a Peugeot 404?
Image result for peugeot 404

What is the difference between a migrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?

A refugee is a person who has had terrible experiences in their corrupt countries
and has set off to find a safer place. Especially a refugee camp or a safe asylum.
50 to 57 percent of these people are children running away from their countries
because of a parent/Parents Death. These people are called refugees.

An Asylum Seeker is a Refugee who has traveled over a course of time to an large
defined area where the government has sent the Army Or the United Nation
Troops to set up a camp and a medium sized Safety Asylum. The Refugees are
rather put into the 1st class safe Asylum or are in the Refugee camp.

A migrant is someone who chooses to move to a different country not because
they want to for a whole lot of different. Reasons maybe like economical reasons,
maybe they are low on water and food. These people aren't as common as
Refugees but can be seen without much trouble in countries like Agadez or Niger.

Where is Niger? Niger is located in West Africa, bordering
Chad, Nigeria and Libya.Where is the Sahara? How big is the Sahara compared to
New Zealand? The Sahara is roughly thirty times bigger than new zealand.

Image result for Niger

From pillar to post,

Read the text to yourself and make notes/highlight/bullet point as you read.
You are looking for the main idea in this article.

I think the author has written this text to show that there are people out there
in other countries suffering, Struggling for freedom while we go about our
everyday lives. There are do many people out there but in places like
Agadez/Niger There are hundreds of thousands of Refugees that are begging
for a new home. And if that wasn’t bad enough 50 to 60 percent of those
refugees are innocent children. Children that have left their country to seek a
better life.

These refugees have walked along scorching even unearthly desserts to find
shelter and refuge from their corrupt home’s. Even though we do feel sorry for
these people they still must be put under precaution because more than once
fake refugees have made it to the refugee camps and have smuggled illegal
substances past the border. That is why we don't have such a big welcome to
refugees and rather put them with other  refugees rather than the safe asylum.

There are people in other countries do not care for these defenseless people.
They barely help them when they are needing help. The higher power (Rich
people) have looked over these people for many many years and looks like they
never will see them. Though we have tried to give those in need better
resources. Especially since round 70 percent of the refugees that have seeked a
new home have stayed there for round 8 to 15 years in a small tent with 20 other

So that is what i think the author was trying to emulate and Thank You for reading this and hope you now know that there is more to this earth than we originally thought.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


On Monday, 3.9.18 Me and the class had to practise on how to save a life if the
life is in serious danger (Not any lethal force!). We learned how by using the

DANGER: Look for danger that could hurt you.

RESPONSE: Check for a way to get a response from the person.

SHOUT: Shout out for someone to call the ambulance.

AIRWAYS: You should tilt the persons head backwards to help the person to
breath if having any trouble breathing.

BREATHING: To make sure the person is breathing put your mouth to the
persons ear for 10 seconds to see in you can hear anything.

CPR: If the person isn't breathing then you must start CPR. You start by getting
onto your knees, putting your hands into a blob X shape and push down on the
chest 30 times and then breath into the mouth 2 times and repeat.

Let's go back to the breathing part. If the person is successfully breathing then
you must inflict these steps. You must put the arm closest to you point outwards,
You then put the leg the most far away from you in a foot to bum position, you
then get the arm far away from you along with the most far away leg you will
pull them both towards you so the person is facing towards you. The arm closest
to you will stop the person from falling on your face and will hep drain anything
like vomit from the throat if there is to be anything in there.

The St Johns work that we did was definitely great, not exactly fun but was
definitely a really good idea for them to show us incase anything like that

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


1 cm = 1 flower petal width.

20 cm SQUARED = circles and

10 cm = bottom of sandpit toy.

10cm or larger = length = mouse
than 10 cm and width = smaller
than 10 cm (Mouse Pad).

1 3rd of a metre (33 cm and 3 mm)
= medium sized cardboard box

4 cm wide = small stone